You can spend you entire life going through the motions and make a struggle out of earning your daily bread, pursuing a career, raising a family and many other things with your time, or you can chose to invest your money wisely and retire truly wealthy.

Time is your friend; don’t turn your back on it!

Time is the biggest asset for an investor, and the worst tragedy is to neglect the longest stretch on your horizon when you are 25 years. An employer matching 401k retirement program should see you home and dry without feeling the pinch.

Here are some of the worst reasons and time worn excuses for delaying retirement planning:

I’m young and I am living it up, why should I concern myself about retirement?

You deserve to enjoy every penny you earn when you are young and energetic and focus on pursuing a satisfying career, perhaps marry and raise a family or buy a home and settle down and there will be debts to pay, so it makes sense to delay retirement planning till you are better off.

Like many arguments this is also fundamentally flawed. Starting right now will add twenty years or more to your fund and in the mathematical world of interest compounding you could be gifting yourself double what normal people save. It makes a lot more sense to set aside money first for retirement and then let other goals find their own bearings rather than wait for all your goals to fructify and postpone retirement savings indefinitely.

The economy is faring poorly, and this is not the right occasion to make investments or meddle in the stock market!

The stock market abounds in doomsday predictions, scores of financial pundits are writing it off every hour. At any point of time individual companies will be seen dipping and crashing every day, and you will hear a lot about people losing money by the bushels. Yet the market as a whole is very resilient. Even stocks that were considered as losing propositions probably need only time to regain past glory. Scrutinize more closely and you will see many companies faring very well that have tripled and quadrupled their worth. In fact these companies represent lost opportunities for the lazy investor. By ignoring these companies you have probably missed some great opportunities to create wealth. It’s like ignoring the golden goose that lays those wonderful eggs because you are allergic to geese!

Unless you have a healthy bank balance and make bigger investments you have nothing to gain

It’s a myth that small investors don’t make money on the stock market. Your investment in the stock market has the potential to grow over 8{f31a3a712fa88d636dd0d6adb1fbd9f153da6541dad34b839e48b13c611d633f} to 10{f31a3a712fa88d636dd0d6adb1fbd9f153da6541dad34b839e48b13c611d633f} annually which is a whole lot better than investments in any other sector. At this exponential rate even a $100 can grow to $5,000 over the course of forty years, which is akin to traveling at the speed of light in a mini car! And where is the question of risk or loss when you invest smaller amounts regularly at specific intervals, especially when prices of targeted stocks are low? This sensible investment technique has a high sounding name-they call it dollar cost averaging, and it does wonders to your small change.

Every dollar is tied up in expenses, where do I raise money for investments?

Taking a loan for vehicle title may sound like an odd way of kick starting an investment but it’s a worthy initiative if you happen to be strapped for cash. The car equity loan just requires the collateral of the car title. The auto equity loan interest which is well within 25{f31a3a712fa88d636dd0d6adb1fbd9f153da6541dad34b839e48b13c611d633f} APR may sound an alarm bell but consider this as  a small sacrifice that you are making in the short term for a greater future benefit. The auto collateral loan will help you mobilize around 60{f31a3a712fa88d636dd0d6adb1fbd9f153da6541dad34b839e48b13c611d633f} of your car value which is just right to initiate some solid investments in CDs, bonds and stocks. Remember that you will be repaying this loan conveniently within a year or two at the most without disturbing your budget.